Dun Draoneach

Dun Draoneach is a group within the Amtgard game that is focused on taking simple steps to encourage better looking gear and to create more immersive battlegames.

All of our guides should be compatible with the 8th edition of the Amtgard Rules of Play. If you see anything that looks wrong or you know a better way to do it, send us a message

Amtstuff.com also hosts the Amtgard Ephemera collection that was created by Eques Tyedye to document objects from Amtgard's history. Be sure to visit or even add some of your own items.


Constructing Additional Pylons


Game Props

Battlegame Flagpole Prototypes
Photo Guide

Giving players an actual mechanism to deal with to capture an objective adds a bit of immersion to your games while also eliminating rules disputes over things like counting too fast to capture an area. These flagpoles work great for many game types and can even have two flags attached to them at the same time so that you can flip them between two colors during Domination style games.

Garb and Accessories

Retractable Enchantment Strip
Photo Guide

A simple mechanism for a retractable enchantment strip partnered with a Plastidip coated amulet. Adding some imagery for "Blood and Thunder" is just to keep the barbarians happy.

Weapon Construction

Heavy Thrown: Sandwich Method
Photo Guide

How to make some "flatblade" throwing weapons using a few layers of foam and how to cover them with cloth to make them look amazing.

Heavy Thrown Hammers
Photo Guide

How to build and cover a throwing hammer that will spin end over end, just like an actual hammer.

Melee Hammer: Skinned Head
Photo Guide

This guide shows some steps in the construction of the "Van Richten's Hammer" relic from Keep on the Borderlands 2015. It uses a partially hollow head and a profiled "shaft" to keep it from being ridiculously heavy while still having a huge head on it.

Armor Construction

Leather Galea Pt 1, Pattern Making
Article on PegasusValley.com

Some general information on how to make a pattern for a leather helmet that qualifies for the helm bonus to armor in Amtgard. The example created here is a leather version of a Roman style "Galea" helmet.

Leather Galea Pt 2, Assembly
Photo Guide

A very simple method to assemble the helmet created in the previous article with a couple modifications to allow it to vent better for hot climates.


Nothing here yet...

Articles on battlegame design and theory coming soon.

Other Things

Heater Shield Area Calculator
Google Sheet New

Spreadsheet for determining the Amtgard shield size and square inches of heater shields created using a Reuleaux triangle.

Juki EA 605 Baby Lock Refurb
Google Photos album

Tear down, cleaning, and reassembly of a 40 year old serger/overlock machine.